Have you ever wondered how tradies work out how much product you need when they landscape your yard? Would you like to know how easy this can be, if so read on......

The most important thing you need to do, is work out how many square meters you have to be covered or filled. This can be done by measuring the length in meters and the width in meters. Once you have these 2 lengths, you then need to multiply them by each other. This will give you your approximate square area! L x W = CM2

You then need to work out the depth that you want to cover or fill in millimeters. You can do this with just a simple tape measure! Once you have all this information, you can then use our calculator on the side of most pages, just select the category of product e.g. Sands.

When you need to work out the amount of mulch you need for a certain area, you apply a similar principle by working out the amount of meters squared that you have. With mulches, 1 cubic meter will cover approximately 13 m2 @ 70mm thick. So lets say you have 27m2 of area and want it covered at the recommended coverage of 70mm, you would need to purchase 2 cubic meters.

But in the end, that is our job to help you out! Just bring in your design or measurement's and we can calculate your needs and organise it to get it to you!

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