Mixed Hardwood Firewood Bulk

Mixed Hardwood Firewood Bulk

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Predominantly Iron bark, this mixed hardwood offers great value like Redgum, This timber is suited to combustion, open fireplaces & wood fired cookers and ovens. Our wood is premium quality and well seasoned. Creates less smoke and soot than inferior woods, keeping both your flu and house cleaner.

We also supply a number of wood-fired pizza shops and cafes with wood-fired pizza ovens and heating for dining areas

Benefits of Ironbark Firewood
Ironbark Firewood is a premium wood with the following benefits:
- Longer burning wood - While Ironbark is slightly harder to start but will burn 6 – 8 hours meaning you will use less wood throughout the night
- Efficient burning means very little ash and less cleaning
- Strong burning and a hotter fire
- Ironbark burns with little or no smoke and low emissions
- Logs are split and cut to a ready-to-use firewood size of 250mm - 350mm approximately the size of a loaf of bread
- Moisture content approximately 15 - 20%

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