Jeffries CulChar Organic Fertiliser 20kg Bag

Jeffries CulChar Organic Fertiliser 20kg Bag

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Product Details

Produced in South Australia, Jeffries CulChar Organic Fertiliser is perfect for garden beds, veggie patches, lawns, pots and roses. It’s honeycomb structure holds nutrients and water then slowly releases them over time as the plant needs them. This means you are getting more out of each fertiliser application and watering. Overall, your plants become more resilient and produce richer, fuller blooms.

Key Benefits:
- Made with sustainably produced Jeffries Biochar
- Optimised absorption of nutrients
- Superior microbial diversity and activity for better balance in soil microbiology
- Improves resistance to disease and pests
- Contains no synthetic ingredients
- Jeffries Biochar creates a honeycomb structure for nutrients and microbes to thrive
- Easy to apply pellet form which you can just throw onto the garden
- Increases soil carbon levels which compounds with every application

When Should You Use Jeffries Organic Fertiliser?
- To fertilise your plants
- As a soil improver and conditioner
- To improve soil microbiology
- To make your plants more resilient

Organic Fertiliser can be used for:
- Garden Beds
- Established trees
- Pots
- Raised Garden
- Rooftop Gardens
- Rolled Turf
- Vegetable Gardens
- For Added Fertiliser

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