Jeffries Forever Mulch Varieties

Jeffries Forever Mulch Varieties

  • Sizes: Sold per M3
  • Delivery: Same day or bulk delivery 1-2 days
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Product Details

We have Jeffries Forever Mulch available in stock with the following colour variations:
-Forever Red Mulch
-Forever Black Mulch
-Forever Brown Mulch

Choose Forever Mulch for dynamic contrast with your plants or if you want to give your garden an instant makeover.

Long lasting colour — safe for kids, pets and plants
Very slow break down
Longer lasting colour than bark mulches
Easy to spread
Suppresses weed growth
Improves water retention
Insulates plants against extreme temperature fluctuations.

Mulch is important to use for a number of reasons including regulates temperature, holds moisture and prevents weeds from growing.
We recommend minimum depth of 75mm but we highly recommend 100mm for best results.

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