BudgetPave 30mm Charcoal

BudgetPave 30mm Charcoal

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  • Sizes: 190mm x 190mm x 30mm
  • Delivery: Yard Pick-up Or Home Delivery bulk 24-48hrs
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Product Details

BudgetPave pavers are a cost-effective solution that makes your yard look visually pleasing. It has a smooth surface finish and is available in a variety of colours, (Currently we Only Stock 30mm Charcoal) but can order any colour of the range to suit any home! These pavers are excellent for garden sheds and small pathways.

BudgetPave Size 190mm x 190mm x 30mm means you get 27.5 / m2 with 26.18m2 on a pallet, 3 pallets for free delivery, Ring if you have any concerns re delivery fee

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